If you love technology and is an enthusiast about code, then most probably you have heard about Github. 📟

We all our a part of social media like Instagram 📷, Twitter 🐤 and Linkedin 📃. Well, have you even thought about what is the social media for millions of software developers around the world? 🤔 yes! you guessed it right! it's GITHUB. 💻

Github is a place where you can post your code like you post on any other social media platform!😍. This means you will be able to access your code files of your platform online irrespective of whether you have your laptop or not!🎉

Not only that, you can also:

-- create unlimited repositories(posts) -- contribute to other repositories(add code) -- make pull requests/create issues(suggest edits) -- use Github pages to host your projects and many other exciting things!

If you are not on Github or is not active, go right away to Github and create an account and start engaging on your profile.💡

Having a well maintained Github profile not only shows that you are an organised person, but also helps you have a great digital footprint which inturn can help you find a better job. You can also collaborate with people from around the world and work on any domain that interests you!🤩

So what are you waiting for? The next project you work on, make sure to update all your files on Github.💯

Keep coding! Keep contributing! 💖

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