The problem.

I sat out to work on a machine learning project yesterday. I grabbed my cup of coffee and was so motivated to start this project.


The first thing I wanted to search for, was a good dataset to train my model on. I was particular about the dataset because I knew in my mind exactly what variables the dataset should contain for this project. I searched on every platform where you can find free datasets, but couldn't find the one I exactly wanted!

Then I thought, the unavailability of a dataset shouldn't stop me from making this project.

The solution.

Then I decided to generate my own dataset which took me barely a few mins.

I created a table with all the necessary variables as headings for the columns and then used the RANDBETWEEN function under each variable to generate a random value.

Step 1.

Create a simple table with the necessary variables. Alt Text

Step 2.

Use the RANDBETWEEN function to generate a random value in any range, say 1 to 100. Alt Text

Step 3.

Drag the cell to how many ever rows to generate data.

Alt Text

Step 4.

Export the file into a CSV file. This was a simple trick to create your own dataset for any kind of ML project that you want to make.

Now nothing can stop you from making that ML project! 🎉 keep learning! keep coding! 💖

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